Home Schooling: Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad In It Psalm 118:24 Saturday, February 18th, 209 am9am – 5pm JOYn us for our Newly Formatted Conference with 11 talks, Vendor talks, a gym FULL of vendors, used curriculum, a tote bag full of goodies, and enJOYing time with fellow homeschooling parents. All for only $30 …

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Why Every Catholic Should have a Car?

To own a car is everyone’s pride.  Not only that it defines the status symbol of the owner in the society, it keeps one from one place to another with ease. Since it is a prized possession, you will need extra care of it, to maintain its mint condition.  One of the necessities in car care is a car cover and to let you more understand how important it is, visits to  The company has been around providing car owners with the latest and best designs in car covers.